About Us


Sammy has 40 years experience as a cook. He spent 27 years in the Chicago area working in Greek Restaurants.
In 2002 he decided to venture out and start his own restaurant in Champaign, Illinois. Sammy's Pancake House began in January of 2002 next to the County Market on Country Fair drive. After 5 years there Sammy decided to purchase a building on Mattis Ave. and has been there ever since. Sammy runs a true family restaurant, as his brother is the head cook and his daughter has been waitressing with him since 2002.


Javier is Sammy's younger brother and has been with Sammy since 2003. Javier moved from Kankakee to join his brother in the restaurant business. Javier is married and now lives in the Champaign area as well.



Veronica is Sammy's daughter and has been a fixture as a waitress at Sammy's since 2002. She is married and has two kids and loves working with her father on a daily basis.



Mario started with Sammy as a dishwasher in 2003. Mario has worked his way up and is now a line cook at Sammy's.



Marie has been with Sammy since 2002 and is the head waitress at Sammy's. Everyone knows Marie, as she is always upbeat and kind and makes everyone feel at home.